About Jazz by the Waterfront

Since 2011 Jazz by the Waterfront has presented evenings of great live music at St Peter's by the Waterfront.

Jazz by the Waterfront was setup by the late Vic Lowne, the man who spearheaded the conversion of St Peter's by the Waterfront into the home of the Ipswich Hospital Band. His love for all things jazz was the driving force that started our bi-monthly evenings of jazz of top local and national acts.

The evenings have continued since this time and have featured acts from all over the country performing to countless audiences, including many regular jazz lovers, who we love to see at every show.

Here are some of the great acts who have performed over the years

  • Essential Sounds Big Band
  • Joanna Eden - Embraceable Ella, Jazz at the Movies
  • The Chris Ingham Trio - with guests; Paul Higgs, Georgia Mancio, Sarah Dowling, Joanna Eden
  • Hannah Horton
  • Andi Hopgood
  • Andy Lawrenson Trio
  • Zoe Gilby
  • Derek Nash Quartet
  • Horn Factory
  • DixieMix
  • Plus many more...